Hanging Artwork

Did You Know…

Artwork placement on a wall can be daunting!  If artwork is placed too high or too low, then no one can truly appreciate the piece. Keep these rules of thumb in mind.  If you have a single piece of art, hang the piece so the center is hung at your eye level.  Artwork over cabinets or console tables should be hung so the bottom of the frame is 6 to 8 inches above the back of the piece.  If you have a sofa, large pieces or groups of art should be 2/3 to 3/4 the total width of a sofa, no longer. 



Artwork Placement

Artwork Placement

This article originally appeared in the February 2016 issue of Briar Chapel Neighbors.

Make it work...

Many times when I am working, I say those words used by Tim Gunn from Project Runway. They help me to focus and remember that for every problem there is a solution.  I just need to find it.  I am an avid watcher of the show because I love to see how the designers solve all of those weird challenges the reality show producers give them. 

The fashion industry and the interior design industry are almost twins.  The newest fashion colors will almost instantly show up in the home design magazines and the hottest colors for your living room will be on the department store's shelf of sweaters. Each week I plan to blog about the winning or a losing design on the show and show the correlation to the Interior Design industry. 

Ashley Nell Simpson, the premier episode's winner created a skirt and top combination that was all about texture and color.  The top has an exaggerated eyelet top with an open back and the skirt has a great graphic detail in yellow and black.  Exaggerated graphic details are all the rage in interiors plus yellow and black are very popular colors if done correctly. 

via cubeworld.com

via cubeworld.com

If you wanted to bring the look of this skirt and dress combination to an interior the easiest and least expensive way is to paint the walls a pleasing yellow, such as Farrow & Balls. Babouche 223.  There is almost no other 'color' in the space so the designer used loads of textue in the canned chairs, paneled walls, and baskets. 

via styledtohome.com

via styledtohome.com

The fireplace in this space makes a great splash and emphasizes the fireplace as the focal point.    I also like graphic rug with the gold detail rather than matching the bright yellow.

via exithomequest.com

via exithomequest.com

Check out this home with the trellis black wallpaper, bright yellow draperies and federal style mirror.  The contemporary cushions work in this traditional home because the colors are so strong.  I especially like the bamboo style white chairs which work well with the walls and trim.

See you next week!  Jules



Starting at the End

Sometimes I have to start at the end. 

That was definitely the case in Janet’s Sleep Haven.  Try as I might I could not get inspired about wall art over the headboard.  However, I needed to get moving. The room was finished except for the focal point in the room.  Yes, most designers decide on a location for a focal point first when designing a space.  However this vital basic design component was not working for me.   The furniture, accessories and bedding were installed.  The room only lacks a great piece of art on the wall above the headboard which is visible as you first walk into the room.  Hmm…


I designed the room in a monochromatic color scheme using light blues, dark grays and neutral creams.  I decided that it needed wall art that was dimensional with depth and shadows but in neutral colors.  I found loads of coordinating pieces but they were either rustic wood wall sculptures or funky abstract metals.  This definitely would not work in a more elegant room with fringed pillows and a custom quilted bed spread. 

So I decided to go back to the beginning.  I focused on the first thing chosen for the room which was the fabric on the bedspread and draperies.  I realized the pattern of flowers on the fabric was the answer to the wall art problem!  I love this Hot House Flowers by Celerie Kemble for Schumacher fabric because it’s traditional but the large graphic flowers are very contemporary.  It’s chintz fabric for this century! 

Hot House Flowers.jpg

I searched for large graphic wall art flowers but nothing grabbed me until I came upon an idea.  Instead of large flowers, I decided to focus on 10-15 small flowers grouped together to form a single art piece.  I found an artist, Floyd Heberer, who specializes in sculpting ceramic small wall flowers.  I requested several different sizes and colors that match the cream, white and taupe in the fabric.  He did an outstanding job making the ceramic flowers look like the flowers in the fabric. 

Floyd Heberer Wall Flowers.JPG

Installation is scheduled for later next week and I’ll then post how ‘starting at the end’ worked in this room.


Living in a green world...

I live in a green house.  Specifically, Sherwin Williams  #7733 Bamboo Shoot which is painted on 75% of my interior walls.  Why did I choose this green color my walls?  Because on one of my first visits to my neighborhood, I saw white dogwood trees blooming against the beautiful new green leaves and I have never forgotten that image.  Nor have I forgotten my neighbor’s funky little blue car!

Green world.JPG

I know the shades of green in the photo and my walls do not match exactly.  I doubt I could stand to wake up in the morning to the dark grass green color in the photo above.  But the yellow/green color of Bamboo Shoot is soft without crossing into the pastel family.  It’s a hue that coordinates well with new and trendy greys but also plays nicely with its parents - yellow and blue. 

I used a lot of white accents around the house especially on the first floor.  Plus I added a trendy gray to keep it updated for this century.  All rooms need a little silver and gold to look rich, sparkle and reflect the light so I used mercury glass accents and gold/brass details.  I grounded the room with a dark gray abstract rug on the floor so the furniture would have a place to anchor and not look like it was floating in space.  The focal point in this room is the fireplace and currently there is coal black slate around the opening.  It is not my favorite accent because when I look at it, I wonder if bats will soon be flying out of it.  I plan to change that out someday very soon and I will keep you posted.


Inspiration from the Holy City

Charleston, South Carolina is known for it's distinctive homes and memorable colors, so what better place to draw design inspiration for my projects, right?  I knew the minute I saw this charming carriage home in gray with purple flowers as accent that I had found the color scheme for Sue's living room.

Color Options.jpg