Frequently Asked Questions


Interior Design FAQs

Why should I pay for an interior designer when many stores offer a 'free' design service?

It is true many retail stores offer 'free' advice and sometimes those services are good.  But remember that nothing is truly free. They work for those retail stores and their goal is always to get you to buy their products whether they are the best choice or not. 

How do you charge?
Julie's design fees are very competitive. Please review her services page to see all of the options. Most projects are a combination of design packages and hourly fees.  Julie also offers options when it comes to purchasing products and furnishing. In most cases she offers a discount off the retail price with a commission on products sold. 

Do I have to make purchases through you?
No, many clients purchase items on there own but most take advantage of Julie's designer discounts which are sometimes less than retail prices.

How much will it cost?
It depends upon your budget. Julie is very strict about not exceeding a set budget and she gives clients design proposals so they are always informed.

How do I hire Julie?
She always starts with an initial free consultation where you discuss the specifics of your project together. Julie does not do any design work during this get to know you phase. The two of you will go over a Project Proposal Sheet that lists how you want this project to look, the budget, and the services Julie offers. The scope of work and fees are detailed on this sheet.

How long will a project take?
This varies by each project and budget. Window treatments and basic room design can be completed in a few months. Custom pieces and remodels may take 3-6 months to finalize. Julie often works in stages with her clients concentrating on certain rooms or areas.

What is your design style?
Julie does not stick to a specific style. She loves beautiful French antiques, retro chairs from the 1950's, and new modern industrial chrome. She prefers to let the clients choose their own styles. Take a look at Julie's web site, blog, or follow her on Pinterest to see what she loves.

Where do you buy your furniture?
Julie has a variety of resources. She purchases directly from furniture showrooms, local consignment stores, retail locations, and online sources. She utilizes local re-upholsterers and custom drapery workrooms. If you prefer a specific source, Julie is happy to work with them.



Window Treatments FAQs

What kind of window treatments are available?
Julie sells plantation shutters, cellular shades, solar shades and blinds. She also custom designs soft draperies, roman shades, and valances to meet each of her clients' individual needs.

What if I don't know which type of window treatment will look best in my space?
That is the beauty of working with an interior designer. Julie will guide you to the best options for your entire space while being cohesive so the space flows expertly. Julie considers your own personal style, materials, budget and functionality in every space she visits.   

Will I have to measure anything?
No, Julie measures and calculates everything to get the precise sizes and dimensions.

Is installation included?
Yes, Julie works with expert professional installers and always includes their fees into the price.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on the products?
Yes, both Norman Window Fashions and Julie guarantee your satisfaction with a lifetime limited warranty on all products.

How much will it cost?
The price depends upon the product you choose. Julie works with all types of budgets and can help you create a plan to purchase items in stages to design the space of your dreams.

How do your window treatments compare to what I can purchase at Lowe's or Home Depot?
Norman Window fashions is the leader in quality products using resilient materials, high-end components, and uncompromising workmanship. If there is a problem Julie and Norman Window Fashions will fix it.

Will attractive window treatments enhance my home's look and value?
Window treatments are Julie's specialty. They control the light, provide privacy, increase the architecture, and add softness to a space while increasing the value of your home.

How long will it take?
The production time depends upon the products you choose. Factory shades and blinds can be installed within 3 weeks of the order date or longer for custom made products.