How It Works


Interior Design Process

Interior design is a fluid, non-linear, process that usually needs to "flex" based upon the particular project and scope of work. However, for purposes of illustration, here is a general overview of the various steps involved.

STEP 1:  Initial Consultation - Julie's first step is to meet with you, ask questions and listen, to find out about your design and space needs. She will also take the time to introduce herself and let you know how her expertise could best serve you. Communication, trust and mutual respect are key ingredients in any successful project.

STEP 2:  Agreement - The basic parameters of your project, your budget, the general timing and our design fee are agreed upon.

STEP 3:  Survey - This step involves a more detailed discussion of the area being designed. Julie will assess your current interior and discuss what changes and additions are being considered. At this point, measurements are made and colors and materials are discussed. Informal interviews with you and your family are also completed to enable Julie to create environments that best suit your lifestyle. Lastly, a contract is signed by Julie and you and the non-refundable design fee plan is given to Julie.

STEP 4:  Preliminary Presentation - Based on a combination of what she's learned from you, plus her own expertise, Julie will present her design plan through the use of photos, floor plans, fabric, paint and flooring samples and other materials she recommends.

Download Sample Project Plans:  Sample Floor Plans and Elevations  |  Sample Furniture Specifications and Descriptions

STEP 5:  Final Presentation - Julie's initial ideas have now been refined into a master plan. This will include a budget proposal and enough specifics to be able to generate bids, if needed, from contractors. A deposit for any needed fixtures, furniture, and equipment is given to Julie that is non-refundable after 30 days from the final presentation date.

STEP 6:  Implementation - Once the design is approved, furnishings and materials are ordered and all painting, construction, and other work is scheduled. Julie oversees the entire process to insure that the work is of the highest quality.



Window Treatments Process

Whether more privacy, light control, added warmth, better aesthetics or increasing property values are your goals, Julie makes window treatments easy. If you are unsure of what would be best in your home let Julie's expert knowledge help you decide. From blinds to shutters and shades to draperies Julie can help.  

STEP 1:  Free Interview - Call Julie to set up an appointment.  She will come to your space with sample cases of blinds, cellular/solar shades, and shutters with options for colors and finishes. If custom draperies are best she comes with material and fabric samples just for you.

STEP 2:  Measuring and Estimates - Julie measures each of your windows for your desired product and calculates the price for you.  She provides a written estimate with the installation schedule. After your approval Julie collects a deposit and coordinates your treatments.

STEP 3:  Installation - Julie personally attends all of the installations to makes sure they are correct. She directs the installers on what is products are to be installed. When complete Julie collects final payment via check, cash or credit card.



Questions?  Please ask. Be sure to see our Pricing page for additional information.