Interior Design Pricing

One of the biggest questions prospective clients ask is how much interior design services will cost. Pricing varies depending on project specifics, but there are established parameters which will provide a general idea as to what you should expect.

At First Impressions by Julie Wagner, our interior design projects are comprised of the following three parts:

PART 1:  Free Initial Interview and Consultation - Julie''s first step is to meet with you and ask questions and listen in order to find out about your design and space needs. She asks lots of questions, takes notes, and works with you to find your likes and dislikes. Julie loves the challenge of solving your design needs including space planning, color choices, and furniture choices. She works with you to figure out an overall budget and timeline for your project. This get-to-know-you meeting lasts about an our and there is no charge.

PART 2:  Design Proposal - Once you confirm your needs, a Project Proposal Agreement is signed and a design consultation fee is paid to Julie. Julie then gets to work on  solving your design issues and planning out the space on a computer in order to scale and create illustrated drawings. She may request shorter meetings to ask more questions and work on a theme for your space. Julie selects furnishings with specifications and prices so you can see how everything will work together. Pricing for this service is between $500.00 to $750.00 per room depending upon the size of the space and scope of work.

Download Sample Project Plans:  Sample Floor Plans and Elevations  |  Sample Furniture Specifications and Descriptions

PART 3:  Acquiring Furnishings and Accessories - After you have approved the Design Proposal, Julie gets to work acquiring furnishings and accessories as detailed on your plan. Julie's fee for this portion of her services is based on a percentage of the total cost of the furnishings and accessories being purchased for your space. Julie orders, tracks, and makes sure the products are professionally delivered. She is on site for all deliveries and installations. If issues occur, Julie is there to be the liaison and to lend her expertise to correct the issue. Pricing for this service typically begins around $5,000.00 per room for a few furniture pieces and may increase based on your specific tastes and budget



Window Treatments Pricing

Whether more privacy, light control, added warmth, better aesthetics or increasing property values are your goals, Julie makes window treatments easy. If you are unsure of what would be best in your home let Julie's expert knowledge help you decide. From blinds to shutters and shades to draperies Julie can help.  

PART 1:  Free Interview - The first meeting to discuss custom window treatments is at no charge. Julie will come to your space with samples and will discuss various colors, fabrics, and features which she recommends.

PART 2:  Product Selection and Installation - When you have selected specific products for your space, Julie will provide you a total cost and will discuss payment terms prior to the merchandise being ordered. When it comes in, one of her trusted installers will expertly install the new window treatments for you. Pricing for window treatments begins around $100.00 with rates comparable to what you'd find for lower quality products sold at the home improvement stores.

Questions? Please ask. Be sure to see our Process page for additional information.