Residential Design

Julie Wagner designs beautiful living spaces for residential customers of all ages, family demographics, and styles. Nomatter what you envision for your home, Julie will work with you to make the reality even better than you dreamed.

Window Treatments

Julie offers clients premium, high-end shutters and blinds at rates comparable to what you'd find for lower quality products sold at the home improvement stores. Find out what Julie recommends for your space, and then purchase direct.

Commercial Design

Need interior design for your retail, office, or restaurant space? Julie has extensive experience and has worked as a retail store planner with a variety of commercial clients including Macy's, JARED Galleria of Jewelry, Zales, Dillard's, and more.


Live outside of Central North Carolina? No problem. Julie can help with your design needs via her e-Design service. She'll communicate through phone calls, email, and Skype, and will give you clear and easy instructions about what to buy and do.