White Fabric…Are You Crazy?


Yes!  I can’t really answer any other way because I recently designed a living room and added 2 swivel chairs in white fabric for a family with small children. This is an open concept designed space in Chapel Hill with the living room, dining and kitchen steps away from each other. Yikes, the interior designer must be crazy!

But in fact, interior designers have loads of experience with new types of fabrics called Performance Fabrics, Family Friendly Fabrics, Cleanable Fabrics, etc. These are fabrics that can be easily cleaned usually with water and a clean cloth. Wine, chocolate, mud and marker stains can be removed in many of these fabrics. And can you believe that some can even be bleached to remove stubborn stains!

Cleanable Fabrics:

Sunbrella Fabric
Crypton Home
Inside Out Fabric
Revolution Rabric

Have you purchased items on a whim and after a year realized that it was a mistake because the chair is now dirty, sagging and misshapen? Did you ever spend extra money on professional upholstery cleaning and were later told by the technician that the ugly stain on the seat cannot be removed? Have you donated or delivered to a dumpster that once loved sofa that ends up forever in a landfill pile? Have you gone shopping and spent more money to replace furniture, sooner than expected?

But why in fact is it important to get to know an Interior Designer to discuss these types of fabrics before you buy? The answer is longevity and affordability. Even though some of these fabrics are more expensive up front, the fabric stays cleaner, smells better and looks nicer for a longer period of time. You are able to keep you upholstered pieces for many more years and save money. Designers like me know which fabrics will look good in your home and coordinate with your personal style.

For the family with the white chairs, I poured coffee and tomato sauce on fabric samples to test them. I did this before ordering because I wanted them to enjoy their white chairs and love their beautiful room for years. Contact me for more information about affordable and cleanable fabrics and take a look at my website for more ideas.


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Discover your design style

Does your space really reflect who you are? 

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