What Window Treatments Are In Style Today?

Plantation shutters, curtains, blinds, custom draperies, honeycomb shades, roman shades, roller shades and shutters…  It is so hard to choose from all of these types of window treatments and to know what window treatments are in style. 

Advantages to working with Interior Designer

Interior Designers like me in the Chapel Hill, NC area love to add window treatments to freshen homes in several ways. Designers think holistically about projects rather than just one room at a time. If you have new construction or a remodel, designers consider what works best for your new design style. If you have an open concept home it is important that window treatments flow but also highlight focal points. And if you have an older home, your goal may be to update or have treatments that operate better. Designers have access to the latest fabrics and trends to enhance your style while staying within your budget.

Blue stationary drapery panels with faux wood blinds in Chapel Hill, NC
Stationary drapery panels with window blinds – photo via impressionsbyjulie.com

Functions of Window Treatments

All window treatments have two basic functions:

  1. Provide privacy
  2. Control the light 

When you can’t sleep at night due to the bright moon or your neighbors flood light, a new window treatment can solve that problem. Or, when you have a new home and need some privacy in your bedroom, a window treatment is in order. And, when you have an outstanding view, framing the space with drapery panels can add that pizzaz you’ve always needed.

Custom draperies and valance in Chapel Hill, NC by First Impressions

Custom draperies and valance – photo via impressionsbyjulie.com

Custom Draperies and Roman Shades

As a designer, custom made draperies are my #1 favorite product with Roman Shades and Valances a close second place. Draperies (aka curtains) are the silent workhorses because they provide privacy, control the light with room darkening lining, and add softness to rooms. If you have a window scene, draperies enhance and frame the view giving it more focus especially in an open concept space with few walls. Draperies when made longer, lift your eyes and heighten the space making it appear taller and more spacious. They also make a boring wall interesting with patterns and colors that you choose with your designer or give your eyes a visual rest on busy walls. Draperies and custom roman shades must be lined to hang properly similar to a ladies slip under a dress. Drapery panels and shades hang better with proper pleating or clutch systems in Roman shades to create easy waves in the fabric.

Plantations shutters in Chapel Hill, NC bedroom.

Contemporary style shutters in bedroom – photo via normanwindowfashions.com

Plantation Style Shutters

First, nothing compares to custom plantation shutters especially here in North Carolina where traditional architecture reigns. Shutters enhance red brick colonials, craftsman farmhouses, contemporary ranch styles and modern prairie houses all look great with custom made shutters. Whether you choose to match the interior trim finish or choose a contrasting wood finish, shutters add value and elegance to a space. In our southern climate, I prefer lightweight wood composite shutters with frames which will not warp in our heat. Custom shutters can be styled to look fresh and modern by using no tilt bars and larger louvers to let in more light. Since most windows differ in size on-site measuring and professional installation are paramount.

Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Honeycomb shades in Chapel Hill, NC

Cordless top down/bottom up honeycomb shades – photo via normanwindowfashions.com

Honeycomb Shades are the most versatile product in the window treatment world. A Cordless Top Down/Bottom-Up shade allows you most control because you can open all sections of the shade and close and lower the top or bottom sections. These accordion style shades are available with sheer, light filtering or room darkening fabrics. Window treatments have become safer for children and pets with cordless options. Motorized options are especially exciting for hard-to-reach areas. Honeycomb shades are a great mid-price option that also help you save money due to their high energy efficiency.


Roller Shades

Next, if you are looking for a modern or contemporary product then Roller Shades are perfect for you. Factory made shades are not your grandma’s type of roller shades with easy to crease white plastic fabric. New fabrics and materials from airy linen and solar screens to woven wood styles are available. Roller shades are also available in light filtering and room darkening material. One of my favorite trendy products are motorized roller shades operated by a remote control. They can be installed after construction is complete and controlled with your phone. If you are away from your home, you can close your shades from anywhere or set a desired time to close them automatically.

Wood blinds in North Carolina dining room.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are the most used and economical window treatment in the world. Blinds can be ordered in a wide range of finishes from stained wood tones to bright colors. Blinds can be lifted up to see the entire view out of your window, lowered and tilted to cut the sun’s glare and closed completely for privacy. It is important to purchase high quality blinds that close tightly for less light leakage. Cordless blinds are now available in a myriad of materials and colors and new cordless blinds are now preferred by most homeowners for safety.

If you are looking to update your existing window treatments, need more privacy or more room darkening at night in your new home contact me for a Window Treatment Consultation. We can discuss the new trends and products and First Impressions can offer you countless new ideas.


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Discover your design style

Does your space really reflect who you are? 

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