Is Magenta the Best New paint color for 2023?

Pantone 2023 Color of the Year - Viva Magenta

This is certainly a timely question to ask in December of 2022. One of my most popular design services are Paint Color Consultations where I help clients choose their paint colors. Pantone, the ‘color experts’ recently unveiled Viva Magenta as their Color of the Year. Pantone described this shade as ‘brave and fearless…promoting joy and optimism’. Pantone predicts this color will tend in graphic design, clothing and in the home design industry in 2023.

As an Interior Designer, I can certainly see this pink-purple-red color in the fashion industry and know that a cute magenta dress would be great for a New Year’s party and carry me through fall with the right accessories. But is magenta the best color to paint walls?

Damask Magenta fabric on dining chairs via First Impressions

Historic Magenta

I recalled a recent trip to the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina where I saw this magenta color used throughout the historic estate. Above, a striking magenta damask fabric is used on dining chairs in the magnificent formal dining room. The dining chairs bring a wonderful pop of color to the gothic wood carved chairs and create balance with the grandiose stone fireplace and wall tapestries. In this space the magenta works wonderfully but not necessarily a wall color.

Magenta color as an accent color
Magenta color in rug, chairs and pillows via Company C

Contemporary Magenta

Next, let’s explore how this color has been used in a more contemporary space in conjunction with an analogous color, purple on the walls. All of the drama and interest in this living room lies within the awesome green, magenta, red and teal rug. In this space, Magenta is also used as an accent color in the striped chair and pillows. Interior Designers often use contrasting paint colors to unify several bright colors within rooms. If the wall were painted a magenta hue, the space would not be as striking

Magenta rug in living room
Magenta rug in neutral off-white room via Home and Gardens

Magenta as an Accent Color

Now let’s take a look at magenta as a strong single accent color, specifically in the above area rug. What makes this magenta rug look wonderful is the contrasting pattern. Rather than choosing a solid all pink-red rug, the designer chose a rug with black and white details and a more mottled magenta design. They then copied the rug color in strong accent pillows in the room. Again, if the walls were painted magenta, they would swallow the art and light fixtures.

The Final Answer

And now we are back to my first question, as a design professional, do I suggest Pantone Color of the Year – Viva Magenta as a wall paint color? My professional answer is NO. I suggest using this great color when pops of bright, fearless color are needed to add interest rather than on the walls.

During Paint Consultations, we use large paint boards with actual paint to choose paint colors. With clients, we review existing undertones for the room, use the boards to compare and contrast colors and then choose the best paint options. We also discuss, accent paint colors, colors for art and accessories and leave you with a clear and concise plan to paint your spaces. Interested in learning more about the best paint colors in 2023, contact me for a Paint Color Consultation.

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