Are Microwave Drawers Worth it?

Microwave drawer in kitchen designed by First Impressions in Sanford, NC

In my design practice, the biggest trend in kitchen design currently are microwave drawers. Yes, graphic quartz countertops in bright colorful kitchens are all the rage but the most unique thing I see currently and design are microwave drawers. In the kitchen photo above, I included a drawer microwave in this remodeled space. But are microwave drawers worth it or just a new design trend? Let’s explore this question.

What are microwave drawers?

A microwave drawer is a wonderfully self-explanatory appliance. It is a microwave, sized to fit in a lower base cabinet in a kitchen or kitchenette. Next, the controls are built-in with tilt out controls that you can easily view while standing in front of the unit. The microwave drawers are usually installed flush with the adjacent kitchen cabinets. After pushing an open button, you can easily lower your food into a slide out drawer, close it and select the heating time and temperature on the control panel. Plus, when done, a bell rings and you can easily lift your food out and onto the counter or season/stir the contents while they stay in the drawer.

Advantages to microwave drawers

Additional counter space is one great benefit to having this type of microwave if you have a small kitchen. Also, safety is a real issue in most kitchens and with a microwave drawer and gone are the days of removing a hot casserole dish over a gas stove above your head. Moreover, microwave drawers are perfect if you would like to have a beautiful modern hood above your cooktop to make a great focal point in a kitchen like the photo above.

Negatives about microwave drawers

Though microwave drawers are great option, it is not an item that can be easily retrofitted into an existing kitchen without a major renovation. They are usually 24” or 30” in width and a professional electrician and/or trim carpenter are needed for installation. Next, cost is also a factor because the price can start at $1,000. Unfortunately, convection oven capabilities are not currently available in microwave drawers because there is no venting option for the units.

In the end, I suggest if you are planning a remodel project or replacing fixtures and finishes in your kitchen, consider a microwave drawer. I prefer the ease of use and the streamlined design that a microwave drawer offers. If you would like to explore redesigning a kitchen or remodeling your home connect with me for more information.

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