Updated pillows and light fixtures in a gray house by First Impressions in Chapel Hill

Help! I need to Update My All-Gray House!

So, you (or the previous homeowner) went with the trend of gray-on-gray home. Now it’s time for updating those Accessible Gray walls, slate carpet and dark charcoal furniture to infuse the heart of your home with color and personality. You’ve come to the right place! 

I’ll start with the simplest things for a timeless design and progress to those which require more investment and effort leaving it to you to know your preference or limitations.

Accent colors

First, pick a (non-gray) accent color. I love blues and greens because they are so soothing and reminiscent of the outdoors. Plants and accessories are a quick and easy place to start. Next, if you want to get more in-depth, change out your furniture especially if it is an accent piece like creative pillows or an area rug. The options are endless, and you can even mix and match up to three different patterns and add hues of the same color. Get creative! If you need ideas for a paint and accessory color scheme, you’ll want my consultation services.

Change your light fixtures

Changing out your light fixtures and starting in your foyer or living room is a great plan. Remember, guests and family often use the seating areas the most and an updated fixture would be so inviting. Also, a new fixture will give a modern feel with more energy-efficient options with LED bulbs. Check out photo above with the adorable doggie!

Don’t forget about your backsplash

Another option is to change out your backsplash in your kitchen, especially if it’s just a four-inch-high piece of your countertop material. Here’s another place to go big! Take it all the way to the underside of your upper wall cabinets, both for drama and for practicality. Choose from a variety of materials (read here about using high-performance wallpaper) – just keep it easy to wipe down.

Opt for Painting your existing cabinets

Lastly, paint your bathroom cabinets because bathrooms are so often overlooked! We don’t necessarily have to paint them all the same color anymore! Use a shower curtain or new towels as inspiration for your bath colors. Also consider painting the ceiling in a powder bath – get creative!

As always, your designer is just a call away, if you need guidance on how to design your space with a clean, cohesive look that matches your vibe. Get on my calendar here – I’d love to talk about your needs and ideas!



Discover your design style

Does your space really reflect who you are? 

Discover your design style
Discover your design style

Does your space really reflect who you are? 

Discover your design style