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Four Kitchen Trends for a Modern Remodel

Modern kitchen by First Impressions

Kitchens receive a lot of use, and so the materials need to hold up over time. However, if your cabinets are showing wear, or if you want to redo the layout, it might be time for an overhaul. Plus, your style might have changed, or your needs might have shifted.

Maybe you’re not yet prepared for a full-scale remodel, but want to freshen it up a bit. Totally okay! Use my 10-hour Power Hour service for guidance, and if this sounds like where you are, here are
a few ideas and trends for updating your kitchen. There are still a lot of things you can do, short of gutting the entire space, and read my other article on updating a white kitchen.

Wallpaper in kitchen photo via Little Greene

Use Wallpaper to Create a Focal Point

This can be a feature wall or as your backsplash, but what a way to bring in color or texture to your
space. Trust me, it will not look like the floral borders on the upper soffit of the 1980s and 1990s. If
you want to dip your toe in without committing, try a peel-and-stick version. There are even vendors
who will allow you to upload your own pattern, so you have a print designed just for you! Talk about
unique features.

Waterfall quartz edge via Precision Countertops

Go with a Graphic Quartz for Your Countertops

There are so many new patterns and colors! This can create a dramatic (but still functional) surface.
You can even take it down, using it as a waterfall edge on the end or on your island.

Shaker style panel-ready refrigerator front by Miele

Panel-Ready Appliance Fronts

If you’re tired of the old appliance door look, go with an upgrade: integrated panels make your
appliances blend into your cabinets for a seamless look. Some come panel-ready, which means you
can purchase the matching panels after the fact, in the same style and finish as your cabinets.

Integrated ped bed via Pembroke Kitchen by Duval

Include a Pet Center

Don’t forget about your pets! Pet centers are a new feature, with integrated feeding stations, pullout
drawers. You can even add pet beds underneath cabinets for your furry family members to hang with
you while you’re prepping dinner. Hook up a special pot filler at a lower height to easily refill water
bowls and reduce spilling from carrying them across the floor.

There are more options for customizing your kitchen, which I can discuss with you, based on your
project and goals. For more dedicated, personalized assistance, schedule a discovery call on my
calendar here.

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Discover your design style
Discover your design style

Does your space really reflect who you are? 

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