First Impressions by Julie Wagner in Chapel Hill, NC

How to Spot a Dated Trend & New Trends

Rich Hues in Gray Open Concept Design by First Impressions by Julie Wagner

Trends come and go, and what makes a dated design trend is that everyone does them, so the market is oversaturated with a look that then quickly loses interest…moving onto the next one. And, if it’s trendy, it’s not individual but more commoditized, which isn’t the point of interior design.

So, what are some trends that seem to be losing their hold? 

Let’s move forward from modern farmhouse, shall we?

First, the modern farmhouse style, which is this century’s answer to the shabby chic of the 1990s (anyone remember that fad, flooded with purposefully distressed furniture and lots of faded loral prints?) seems to be losing its grip finally!

Monochromatic color schemes, an old trend

Both the monochromatic all black-and-white and all-grey looks (where the carpet, paint, and furniture are all in tones of grey) are moving on. New color trends include deep, rich hues but in muted tones. Overall, modern interior design focuses on reducing waste and the carbon footprint, like stacked stone exteriors – we’re using more sustainable options now, like recycled or reclaimed resources.

Sustainability & energy-efficient design, a forever trend

Next, sustainable and energy-efficient newer materials also improve thermal performance with greater insulation, taking pressure off your HVAC with better efficiency. Would you like to know a brand new one?

Paint. Yes, that thing you slap on walls to freshen up your rooms now includes a reflective quality. Developed by Purdue University, this version reduces surface temperature to cool down buildings, by reflecting certain wavelengths of sunlight. Which means you could reduce your heat transference, keeping your home’s internal temperature more consistent. 

If you’re just needing a paint consultation to come up with the best color scheme, you’ll want my design consultation service. I talk about 2023’s color of the year here. And, if you’re stymied on what paint color scheme to use for your open-concept home, read this article for my best tips.

21st Century high-performance fabrics, a rising trend

Indestructible high-performance fabrics have also gained popularity. Look for materials which take stain-resistance to a new level. Some fabrics are even being constructed from recycled plastics! And, instead of the typical tiled backsplash, have you thought of using a natural stone slab? These can also waterfall down the sides of your cabinets in your kitchen island.

I think if you’re wanting to avoid dated design trends, the best way is to hire an interior designer who will look for and construct a wholly unique look for you. Then reserve the trendy pieces for things which can be quickly, easily, inexpensively changed out – like paint, accessories, artwork, and throw pillows.

Let’s get designing!


Discover your design style

Does your space really reflect who you are? 

Discover your design style
Discover your design style

Does your space really reflect who you are? 

Discover your design style