Open Concept Home Paint Colors for 2022

Paint color consultation trends

Open concept living room – photo via Decoist

Recently, I was asked to do a Paint Color Consultation in Chapel Hill. I love helping clients with existing spaces and new construction projects. And it is true, a new paint color is the least expensive and easiest update for any type of space. However, open concept homes can be a bit tricky when it comes to paint. I am often asked where to start and stop the change in a paint color and what colors look best next to each other within the same space. The answer, of course, depends upon the unique architecture of the space but suggesting color schemes that work together is the best part of being an interior designer.

Older trends in paint colors

New construction home using SW Agreeable Gray as main color – photo via Caviness & Cates Communities

Also, clients want to know what are the new color trends to keep their spaces looking fresh and new. During the recent paint consultation my clients wanted to know if SW Agreeable Gray was still the best color to paint their entire home. For the past few years, Agreeable Gray has been a favorite and I wrote about it here. Going forward, I don’t think gray is going away, rather it is morphing into more natural and warmer tones. The stark, cool monochromatic gray in an entire space is calling for a more inviting and welcoming paint. Because rooms are so multipurpose especially in open concept living, we are searching for more adaptable paint colors.

White walls in white and gray open concept home – photo via Decor Gold Designs

Next, I believe that the basic progression for 2022 is to a more classic white and off-white paint color for walls. A basic white brightens in the foyer to greet our friends, in a kitchen next to all types of stained and painted cabinets and in a living room with colorful accent pillows and accessories. There are thousands of ‘white’ paint colors so finding the correct white paint color is not easy. We have all been in homes where the walls are a cool white color and the floors are a warm honey oak – an easy mistake to make.

New paint trends for 2022

BM Chantilly Lace on walls – photo via Joey Vogel Interior Design

One of my favorite ‘white’ paint colors is Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. If you are looking for a true white that is crisp and clean then this is the color for you. Because it is so neutral with no yellow undertones it works well when updating a previously cool gray room. Moreover, adding accessories in clean primary colors or plain black help set off this color.

SW Alabaster on walls – photo via Heather Scott Home & Design

A second favorite paint color is Sherwin Williams Alabaster. This off-white looks beautiful in traditional and contemporary spaces because it reflects so much light. It has great beige and cream undertones. Alabaster on walls renews warm gray walls using the warm dark gray of SW Urban Bronze and is very trendy with gold/brass hardware and light fixtures.

Blending old and new color trends

SW Evergreen Fog on cabinets – photo via Kindred Interiors

Lastly, with everything trending towards white walls we definitely need contrasting colors to keep our homes looking less stark. Coincidentally, all of the major paint companies such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Glidden, Behr, Better Homes & Gardens and PPG introduced slightly different shades of green as their Colors of the Year for 2022. The cabinets in the above photo have been painted Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams which is their color for 2022. The cool light green works well with the gray and white kitchen tile and gray sofa in this open concept home. I believe green has gained momentum with all of these paint color experts because we are looking for inspiration and want to uplift our moods in 2022.

If you need help choosing colors, schedule a Paint Color Consultation or call me to discuss a Fixtures and Finishes meeting to help you with your remodel or new construction project.


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